The Official Affiliates of Camp Jupiter Wiki: 

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Affilitations handled by DaughterofPoseidon14


The top 9 wiki affiliates will be advertised in the Wiki Navigation bar, with their site linked.

Affiliates are welcomed:

We are an open affiliation wiki based off the best selling series, The Heroes of Olympus. We would love to review your wiki for affiliation: below is a list of instructions, and mandatory criteria that your wiki must obtain before affiliating with us. Sites elgible for affiliation will recieve the Camp Jupiter watermark, a spot on the affiliation page, and appear on the home page. 

Wiki criteria: 

To be eligble for affiliation, contact an administrator and state your intention(s), goals, and how both wikis can benefit from this agreement. Contact an administrator through chat or message walls. 

You must be an administrator or bureaucrat to request affiliation on your wiki:

1. Name and a link for the wiki you're representing

2. The watermark/wordmark of your wiki

3. At least 100 pages on your wiki 

4. At least 5 people on your wiki, active.

5. Must have your own affiliate page that community can easily access

Once completed an administrator will review your message and reply within a week. If you meet our standards then you will be put on the affiliations page prompty.

Our Watermarks: 

Below are the following, main watermark as well as approved affiliation watermark.

Watermark 1
Campjupiter afiiliation
Watermark 2

Warning: If your wiki contains nudity, profanity, violence, or any sort of content rated above PG-13, we will not affiliate with you. If a user from one such wiki should request- they will be given a warning. Should any harrassment come or complaints, that user will be blocked. (Any wiki's with questionable content.) 

Thank you and happy affiliating!

-The Staff on Camp Jupiter
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