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Bellona is the Roman goddess of war and is also the mother of Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano and Hylla. She controls the policy and foreign warfare which is why she is an important goddess to the Romans. However, she doesn't have a Greek counterpart like  other gods do, but is frequently compared to the Greek goddess Enyo. 

Vital statistics
Title Goddess of War
Current Age Immortal
Gender Female
Family Jupiter - Father

Juno - Mother Mars - Twin Brother Minerva and Juventas - Sisters

Hair Color Any Color
Eye Color Any Color
Affiliation Roman Olympians
Status Immortal
Weapons Unknown
Home Roman Olympus


Bellona, the Roman goddess of War, is closely associated with her twin brother Mars, the god of War. She is constantly his companion, however she can be called his wife, daughter or sister. However, she is mostly known as his twin sister.

The Heroes of Olympus[]

The Son of Neptune[]

Bellona was mentioned to be the mother of Reyna, the praetor of Camp Jupiter and Hylla, the queen of the Amazons. She is also said to have her own temple at Camp Jupiter for she is the most important goddess the Romans worship.

The Mark of Athena[]

While Reyna was talking to Annabeth, she explains the roles played by her mother Bellona in the Legion. She also explains that when Romans got to war, they throw a spear into a patch of soil inside her mother's temple to represent enemy soil.


Bellona is usually shown in a panache helmet and armor, armed with sword and spear. Being the war goddess, she carries a shield and sometimes also carries a blood-red flame torch. She is described as loud, active, and barking orders or war cries. Bellona is also said to be organized and always in control of the situation.

Known Children[]