Chiron is basically Lupa's Greek version. Though, unlike Lupa, Chiron stays with the campers at Camp alf-Blood and trains them. He is the activites director at Camp Half-Blood and he is a centaur, half man and half horse. He's also immortal for as long as mankind needs him. 

Vital statistics
Title Trainer of Heroes

Son of Saturn (Kronos)

Current Age Immortal
Gender Male
Family Saturn - Father

Philyra - Mother

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Olympians
Status Immortal
Weapons Bow and Arrow
Home Camp Half-Blood


He prefers his bow and arrows over a sword but can still fight well with a sword. His music tends to make demigods cover their ears. He loves the 40's music, although it is unclear whether it is the 1940's, or perhaps A.D. 40.


Because Chiron is half man half horse, this makes him a centaur. He has wrinkles from (very) old age and brown hair. His top half is human, but his bottom is a white stallion.


Chiron is Kronos' son, and this does not sit with him well. He has been blessed by the gods as a trainer of demigod heroes- as long as mankind needs him, he will be there. It is mentioned, in The Mark of Athena that Chiron also has brothers that live in the sea. They are called icthyocentaurs. These icthyocentaurs are camp director of Camp Fish-Blood.