A character is what you would role-play on throughout journeys, adventures, and battles. You can find out how to make a character below.  First, to create a character you must have a Wikia account. After you create an account you can create your character. Fill out this form with the name of your character and post this on the characters page for the Best Character Event which will be coming soon!

Each form will be reviewed along with the required story that most feature the character somewhat.

The first thing you do, is add a new topic, name your character and enter this information. See the Available Characters Page for more details on what you would like to be. (Recommended.)

Follow the instructions below, after looking at the Available Characters Pagae. After you submit it, a member of the Administration team will look at the forum, and tell you if your character is okay. YOU MAY NOT BE A GOD OR IMMORTAL. 

Note: Being a child of the Big Three (Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto) is not necessarlily "better". Even children of minor gods have the same status on this Wiki, and are sometimes, more dangerous than a Big Three demigod. This does not mean you can't choose to be a demigod of the Big Three, just be warned. (Not all get approved for this application.) 

Also, when you create a character for Fanfiction, you don't have to have a page for itself, and it does not have to be a roleplay character. You can just make up a name and *snap* there it is in your story. 

Name (you may add a nickname):






Interesting Facts:

Character Type (ex. Daughter of Neptune):


Fill this out, and copy and paste it to HunterofArtemis12's Message Wall 
, where she will either make suggestions, decline the form (and tell you why)
or let you go ahead and make the character page.