Dakota is a Roman demigod with a Kool-Aid addiction, who was remembered by Jason Grace in The Lost Hero. He was an ally and friend to Jason at Camp Jupiter. He was introduced in The Son of Neptune as a son of Bacchus, the wine god. His last name is unknown.


Dakota is a son of Bacchus, or Dionysus in Greek form. He is senior Centurion of the Fifth Cohort and is addicted to drinking Kool-Aid. To get to Camp Jupiter he must have started his journey at the Wolf House.

The Heroes of OlympusEdit

The Lost HeroEdit

Jason lists Dakota as one of the people he remembers from Camp Jupiter, when his memory starts to return.

The Son of NeptuneEdit

Dakota is introduced as the leader of the Fifth Cohort and accepts Percy into the group. He sits with Percy, Hazel, and Frank and tells Percy some back-story about their cohort, including losing the eagle and some things about Jason. Percy believes he is drunk at first, but Hazel tells him that he drinks Kool-Aid with three times as much sugar then included in the actual drink.

Dakota appears again during the battle against the Giant Army at Camp Jupiter. Percy hands him the retrieved eagle and he uses it to destroy the monsters and lead the Legion into battle. 

The Mark of AthenaEdit

When Octavian is leading the Romans against the seven demigods of the prophecy Dakota is seen again fighting Jason. Jason vaults over him slamming the hilt of his sword over his head, causing Dakota to black out.


Dakota has an addiction to red Kool-aid, which he makes with three times the amount of sugar and he drinks it constantly which combined with his ADHD makes people believe he is drunk (being a son of Bacchus). He is therefore always extremely hyper from the sugar. He seems to care for his fellow legionaries and sits down with Percy during dinner to welcome him to the camp. He has a deep respect for his comrades and a well chosen commander of the Fifth.


He is described as being tall and buff, with curly black hair. However, his mouth is almost always red as Dakota drinks large amounts of Kool-aid that he keeps in a flask around his neck.


  • He shares Dionysus'/Bacchus', his father's, issue with being obsessed with drinking, except that Dakota drinks Kool-Aid and Bacchus drinks Diet Pepsi.
  • Dakota drinks Kool-Aid with 3 times the original sugar, which makes him go crazy due to his ADHD.
  • He is a proud centurion and has deep respect towards the fifth cohort and its members.