What is Fanfiction?

Fanfiction are fan made stories, from an already published authors books. You write stories off of already made characters, but can create your own characters (OC-Original Characters) and add them to the story. You do not need to write a disclaimer at the top of your page, as we have already stated that on the Home Page

                                                               Why do we do it?

We do Fanfiction, because there are so many untold stories about Camp Jupiter and New Rome. You can even write about Ancient Rome, or the Roman gods. Any pantheon you wish, that relates to Rome in some form. 

We also do it, because it is fun and also fun to read and expands your writing so you can experiment with it.


Remember to write Fanfiction, at the top of any Fanfictions stories you make (also for Roleplay you write Roleplay) so that we don't get them mixed with Fact Based pages. If you fail to do this, that page will be deleted. (If the admins are generous, they will warn you to change it.) 


The Roman Eagle Wiki Fanfiction Contest, is held once a month with a different topic. See the rules, theme and more on HunterofArtemis12 blog. The award is a banner, that you get to keep forever. You get escessive bragging rights, and are invited to help host the next Roman Eagle Wiki Fanfiction Contest.

If you still have questions, please ask an admin! (Message Walls are most effiecient, but if you can catch one on chat, you'll get answers much quicker!)