Fanfiction Story

This story was written by HunterofArtemis12 for The Roman Eagle Wiki Fanfiction Contest. It cannot win, because the author is a judge but is still fun to make.) 

I watched as Aqua and Brad held hands, laughing as they walked down to the strawberry fields. My heart filled with longing, to be with him. It was too much like that day, last year.

Aqua gave Brad something. I craned my head to see. It was a bead, with engraving on it. It was their two month anniversary. I blinked tears from my eyes as Brad slipped it on his necklace. He handed her a package, he'd been keeping behind his back.

I held my breath, as she tore away the wrapping. It was a camera, the nice digital kind. He turned and talked to her, grinning, Aqua smiled back and threw her arms around his neck.

They embraced, which soon turned to kissing. I turned away, and ran as fast as I could, back to my cabin. I knew I shouldn't have spied- I knew it would only hurt me.

But I used to be that girl. Last year, last spring, Bryan loved me.


I sat on the floor of the Athena cabin. My siblings glanced at me, but couldn't find anything to say. They were smart, but they couldn't solve a problem when I wouldn't tell them what it was. Finally, my best friend Asha sighed and sat beside me on the floor.

"Jade, what's the matter? You haven't been outside since yesterday! You're wasting away in here!"

I stared at her with my big sad brown eyes. It was out inside joke when she called me Baby Betsy after a cow.

"Better here, than out there with them." I sighed miserably.

Asha stared back at me, I could just see the mental clockwork ticking in her mind putting the pieces together.

"Yesterday was Bryan's two month anniversary, was it not?" She brushed a long strand of blonde hair out of her face.

I nodded, and without meaning too let a small sob escape.

Asha took me close, stroking my hair. Sometimes, more than being my friend she was like my full sister, always on the look out for me. She let me cry into her shoulder, and blow my nose on her sleeve. The rest if the cabin, uncertainly tried to act like they hadn't heard any of it.

When I stopped crying, Asha helped me up, yanking me up off the floor.

"Jade if you love him, tell him. You can't keep it a secret."

I wiped tears from my eyes.

"Now you are starting to sound like Aprhodite!" I complained, trying to recompose myself.

Asha shook her head. "Wisdom sometimes comes from strange places."

I squared my shoulders.

"Tonight at the camp fire, I will tell him."