Jason Grace wielding an Imperial Gold sword


Imperial Gold is a blessed precious metal used by Roman demigodsIt is forged at Camp Jupiter in their sacred temple. Chrysaor was the first to wield an Imperial Gold blade, but is not credited for it in the myths. 


Imperial Gold is a very rare metal, as it was used a lot in Ancient Rome. They still use it in New Rome but not as much, as it is very rare. It is never mentioned that the Greeks ever wielded this type of metal, sticking to Celestial Bronze instead. . The ore is specifically deadly to monsters , immortals, etc. In addition, it is extremely bad if it breaks, causing mass destruction, as shown in The Lost Hero, when Jason Grace's Imperial Gold weapon was broken.

Known Imperial Gold WeaponsEdit

  • Chrysaor's Sword
  • Ivlivs (Jason's lance/sword)
    Reyna spear
  • Frank's spear
  • Hazels spatha
  • Reyna's spear
  • Juno's gladius
  • Alabaster Torrington's sword
  • Weapons from Porphyrion's lair
  • Weapons retrieved from the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska.
  • Weapons in the legion from New Rome

The legions Golden Eagle, is thought to be made of Imperial Gold


Reynas gold dog is hinted to be Imperial Gold but has not been decided if it is