Larry is a Roman camper, who goes to Camp Jupiter, senator and officer of the Legion.

The Heroes of OlympusEdit

The Son of NeptuneEdit

Larry is part of the First or Second Cohort, as he is one of the people defending the fort during Camp Jupiter's war game. The Fifth Cohort managed to break through his defenses and win the game. During the Senate meeting to discuss the quest to Alaska, he seconds Senator Hank's objection to all Fifth campers going on the Alaska quest, claiming it would be suicide even with demigods from a good cohort. By saying this he is indirectly saying that the fifth cohort as everyone says is the "loser cohort". Frank Zhang retorts that Larry's cohort had their 'podex' whipped by the Fifth at the Roman War Games the night before.

Larry is most likely at the Senate meeting to decide if Camp Jupiter should let the Argo II land at the camp or not as most of them do not trust the Greeks.