The Legions Golden Eagle, which was lost due to Michael's expedition.

Michael Varus was a Roman demigod and Praetor of the Twelfth legion back in the 1980s. He was also a member of the Fifth Cohort.

Michael was apparently ambitious for glory - not a bad trait for a Roman (they all were)- but unfortunately he chose to pursue it against the advice of his augur who told him the Prophecy of Seven was not for him, but a different seven. He did not listen. He led the Fifth Cohort North to Alaska where his fatal flaw got its usual reward; the expedition was all but wiped out losing the eagle and most of the legion's Imperial Gold weaponry.

The Fifth has been regarded as cursed and outcast by the rest of the legion ever since. Michael's shade may have been among those who accepted Gaea's chance at a second life, betraying the gods and Rome. If it was, according to Thanatos, his soul would now be in the Fields of Punishment for all eternity for turning against the gods.


  • Varus means "crooked" in Latin.
  • Michael's godly parent is Janus.
  • His expedition was known as the failure that cost the legion it's glory and honor.