Reyna, one of the current praetors of Camp Jupiter

 A praetor (pronounced pray-uh-tore) is the leader of a legion, and part of the Senate. There is always a maximum of two praetors.


The second highest elected rank in the Roman political system below that of Consul. Consuls were originally called Praetors in ancient Rome. The rank of Praetor had dual functionality. One, they would assist in the administrative duties required of the Consuls. However, they could also be given Imperium and be allowed to command an army. There were always two Praetors, in ancient Rome.

Praetorship in New RomeEdit

  • You are only allowed to have two praetors at a time. 
  • You can elect a praetor on the Feast of Fortuna or if they battle honorably, raise him/her on a shield after the battle.
  • You get a new house, not with the other cohorts. 

    Jason, one of the former praetors at Camp Jupiter.

Known praetorsEdit


Percy, one of the former praetors at Camp Jupiter.


  • It is unknown if Michael Varus, ever came back alive from his quest.
  • Percy in the The Mark of Athena told Jason he would step down for him. However, it is not confirmed if Percy is actually still praetor, or that Jason is. 
  • Rick Rodan uses the term Praetor as it was used prior to 300BC. After this time the role changed its name to Consul with two Praetors serving each of the two Consuls. One Praetor assisted the Consul in leading the legion while the other acted as a judge. The roles of Percy and Jason should be referred to as Consuls as after 300BC the Praetor did not hold a seat in the Senate.
Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang became praetor in the House of Hades, after being promoted by Jason.