The eagle

The Eagle of the 12th Legion is the eagle standard that was given to the Twelfth Legion, supposedly from Jupiter himself, and is the symbol of Camp Jupiter. Julius Caesar nicknamed the Legion Fulminata, which means armed with lightning, because of the Eagle's incredible power to conduct lightning and blast it at your enemies. It is thought to be made of Imperial Gold, as it is sacred and mentioned to be gold.


The Twelfth Legion Fulminata!


The Eagle was given to the 12th Legion by Jupiter, who imbued it with massive power.

The Eagle was first lost during the Jewish rebellion, and its loss was a massive disgrace. Fortunately it was recovered later on.

The Eagle was lost a second time when in the 1980's the senior Praetor of the Twelfth Michael Varus of the Fifth Cohort ignored the advice of his augur and lead an expidition into Alaska. He lead the Fifth Cohort to Alaska where they encountered Alcyoneus, the resulting conflict ended with the virtual destruction of the Cohort and Alcyoneas seizing the Eagle. Due to this loss the Fifth Cohort was shamed to becoming the worst Cohort. At some point he placed the Eagle on the Hubbard Glacier to be guarded by the undead legionaries there. After that, the Fifth Cohort became the unpopular Cohort in the Legion.

The Heroes of OlympusEdit

The Son of NeptuneEdit

The Eagle was kept in the ice covered imitation of Camp Jupiter on top of the Hubbard Glacier where Thanatos was being held. During the battle after the ambush Percy, surrounded in a hurricane, seized the standard and used it to keep the undead legionaries from stopping Frank releasing Thantos. It later fell with Percy after he destroyed part of the glacier the camp was on.

During the battle on The Field of Mars Percy uses the power of the Eagle to destroy hundreds of monsters in the center of Polybotes' army, before it was handed to Dakota. After the battle it was temporarily placed behind the Praetor's table in the mess hall. It was presumably restored to it's normal place in the principia.


  • Each Legion of the Roman Empire was given a symbol which were imbued with the powers of different gods. The Romans would sacrifice their lives to protect these symbols and some were melted down or destroyed. Only the Twelth Legion's Eagle has been seen in the series.