This page is where you vote for the nominated users (if you would like to nominate a user for next month, message an administrator or tell them in chat). These special users will recieve a badge saying they've been chosen for working the hardest and be featured on the homepage along with a interview that will be posted here. All interviews will be saved, and after every 20 moved to storage to keep forever.

Vote now! (Nominate people in chat. If a person has more than 1 nomination, they are entered in the poll.)

Please note that if one user has already been user of the month, there are others who would like to receive this honour. Please refrain from nominating already been users.

The results from Mays's vote for June's User of the Month is Bree 5678                               

                      RECORD AMOUNT OF VOTES IN ALL HISTORY: 21

Vote for December's User of the Month below:

The poll was created at 00:37 on November 24, 2015, and so far 11 people voted.

I sort of just paired together two users that have never been in this running before and are new. Sue me for trying to get a poll up as fast as possible. -Hunter

Also, I seem to be rushing to get a poll up every month anyways so...I'll just leave the above note permanently -Hunter

There haven't been any new polls in ages, I'm sorry. But that's also because practically everyone has been the user of the month. What a shock, since currently there are only 13 users left on the wiki. So, I'll put some new people in, we'll get like 2 votes and then we'll have a winner. Hooray! - Hunter

Vote for which page will be the Feautured Article:

The poll was created at 02:50 on September 15, 2014, and so far 8 people voted.
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