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Beauty is about finding the right fit, the most natural fit. To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself -— avoid trying to be something you're not. For a goddess, that's especially hard. We can change so easily.

Venus' Greek counterpart is Aphrodite. She is a Roman goddess of whose functions encompassed love, beauty, fertility and prosperity. 

She may have children or descendants at Camp Jupiter, which is located near San Francisco. The Greeks envisioned Aphrodite as a passionate and sensuous being, but the Romans hailed Venus as the divine ancestress of their culture. Other than that fact, her Greek and Roman are very similar, unlike the rest of the gods, since she explains that "love is universal."

Vital statistics
Title Goddess of Love and Beauty
Current Age Immortal
Gender Female
Family Uranus - Father

Vulcan - Husband

Piper McLean - Daughter

Hair Color Any color
Eye Color Any color
Affiliation Roman Olympians
Status Immortal
Weapons Charmspeak
Home Olympus


Venus is both temperamental and vain. In addition, she is also crafty, flirtatious, and seductive. Despite these qualities, she is both very loving and passionate, having a faith in love that is absolute and true. Venus is very benevolent and gentle to those she favors, and deeply cares for her children as well as their fathers. Presiding over the most powerful of human feelings, she has great insight into mortal emotions as well as mortal nature by extension. It is nearly impossible to disagree with her. She is also unfaithful to Vulcan, her godly husband, with all of her affairs.


Aphrodite possesses the standard powers of a goddess with personal abilities such as:

  • Infallible visual acuity
  • Omnipotent allure
  • Speaks and understands French, "as it is the language of love"
  • Charmspeak: Her voice has a mesmerizing effect, capable of influencing the emotions of others or of placing them in her thrall
  • Amokinesis: As goddess of love and beauty she has the mystical ability to arouse love and passion in others. She also possesses the ability to entrance any mortal or god she desires with control over love, lust, beauty and other things related to them
  • Personification of Desire: Aphrodite as the goddess of Love and Beauty is the personification of all desire and fulfillment, She has absolute power over her realm. She has power over craving of the unattainable. The force of physical appetite or emotional need. Strong envious desire. In contrast she is also lords over satisfaction, extending to the attainment of ones desire.

Known ChildrenEdit

Piper McLean

Piper McLean, a daughter of Aphrodite


  • Piper McLean
  • Drew Tanaka 
  • Silena Beauregard 
  • Lacy
  • Mitchell


  • Mike Kahale